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Employee At The Benjamin Group

I am a Staff member with The Benjamin Group and I must say that its an amazing adventure working and learning something new every day from this Organization. Mr. Benjamin is passionately committed and he takes pride in his organization and gives complete dedication to running it successfully. It’s a rewarding experience working with such an amazing group of people with many talents such as poetry, cosmetology, culinary and musicians.

Nicki Turman

Nicki Turman

Making strides in changing the world

Angelo and company are breaking ground in the most creative and impactful ways to support the mental and behavioral health worlds

Lynne Renee

A place of refuge

All I can say is that I never thought this was possible…….
My brother’s entire life has changed in very remarkable ways up under the Benjamin program. This has helped and relieved our entire family from fear and anguish to a space in our lives that we’d thought we would never experience. ❤️….

Thank you
Benjamin Group

Angelo Benjamin

my son has a nice clean home now

Mr. Benjamin approached my son and offered him a place to live. My son is flourishing in his fine program. They eat nourishing meals, have daily chores, attend a day program. I am extremely grateful to Mr. Benjamin. I don’t know how he does it all. He treats everyone with compassion and kindness and is great at solving problems as they arise, while always staying calm. He is a remarkable man and I admire him greatly. My wish is for the community to provide him with all the financial support he needs to continue with his wonderful program. Thank you.

Nancy Layton


Are you close to someone who struggles with a mental illness? Could it be your parents or a sibling, a grandparent or friend? Thanks to Mr. Benjamin and The Benjamin Group, my person has received a lot of support that we previously never thought was possible. Crisis after crisis has left us with little resources and support; despite this, just like The Benjamin Group promises, Mr. Benjamin and his team allow for ample space, time, and energy to maneuver these delicate matters all with a sense of stability and care. When rehab facilities, hospitalizations, etc., work exactly as they’re meant to and unfortunately leave the most vulnerable behind, it is easy to lose hope. I haven’t lost hope, and don’t plan to, especially thanks to Mr. Benjamin and this incredible organization. GRATEFUL is the only word I can share, expressing this sentiment with every part of me. My person has a long way to go, however, now I know we are not alone. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Thankless job

The Benjamin group works tirelessly to help people. They have worked with my adult son even after he was no longer in one of their homes. Mr. Benjamin even helped him get home when he went out of state and found himself in trouble.

This son is aggressive and thoughtless of others, he is nasty in his texts to his family and always blames everyone else for his problems. I say this to commend this group for still caring and helping him. It’s nice to have someone I trust in our corner.

Marilyn Crawford

God Sent

Mr.Benjamin have been God sent I tried for over 10 years dealing with my son Stedric mental illness but after meeting Ben all my problems was solved his professionalism of caring for anyone’s love ones are overwhelming the love and patience he have for people no matter your colt race or ethnicity Ben have the gift and power that was given to him by the most high God to help rescue God people’ not to mention the up keep of his homes you can eat off the floor this how clean his homes are thanks again Mr.Benjamin May God continue blessing you …Suprena and Family

Suprena Brown


The BG Benjamin Group provided a space in my life that assisted me with my loveone. My son David was diagnosed with schizophrenia, it was the grace of GOD that appointed Benjamin group in 2015 to assist my family. The BG program provided excellent quality service and resources for my son’s well being while dealing with his MHD MENTAL HEALTH DISORDER. Not only that, the love and compassion shown toward the clients and their families is outstanding!! The structure and formality of the upkeep and care provided is phenomenal! Benjamin is simply a gift from GOD, never give up on your loved one because there is definitely hope and Benjamin’s Group is a place of hope for the clients and a place of help for your family. Loraine Trammell

Loraine Trammell

The right kind of help.

I’ve seen the work of this organization and it goes above and beyond to support those in need. Individuals are treated with respect and dignity while they are given a safe space to heal and recover from life’s challenges. Thank you for being a magnificent pillar of the community!



Mr.Benjamin allowed me to come into is program after speaking with me and my family there I was welcomed and respected learning didn’t coping mechanism to deal with my mental health thanks to Angelo Benjamin for caring for another alittle bit means alot.

Deandrea Santwaun Moment

A Compassionate Dreamer

Just as our great leader (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.), Mr. Benjamin Angelo also has a dream. His dream is to rescue those that the world has turned their backs on because of their (mental Ilness). His program is helping them to be healed, restored back into reality, and helping them to function independently. Because of his personal journey, he has empathy for these young men. His compassion for these Homes provides so much love and hope.
My daughter recently met with Mr. Angelo and visited his homes. He is a serious dreamer. The homes are run with so much care and compassion that each resident feels loved, protected and respected. He truly believes there’s hope for those that’s seeking it. He and his caring staff has gone over and above for my grandson. We are so grateful to you Mr. Angelo! I pray you and your vision are blessed by our Creator.

Wakeeda Patton

“Life Changing “

I’m so Thankful for Mr. Benjamin and the Benjamin Group. It has has been a life changing experience for my son. He has come along way from where he was 8 Months ago. Thank you Mr. Benjamin for making such an impact on these young men lives. You have truly blessed my family with knowing Our loved one is getting Treatment, a daily regiment, And a new out look on life.

Linda Swindle

The Benjamin Group Saved my Son’s Life

I have nothing but high praise for Mr. Benjamin and the Benjamin Group. My son Terrence was diagnosed with Schophenia at the age of 16. In and out of trouble with the law because he had no direction on life with mental health facilities where we live. The court system or anyone I turned to for help was a slap in the face. Mr. Benjamin took my son into his group and turned his life around. I’m so Thankful. My son has a daily activity plan in place and The Benjamin Group has Truly made a difference in his life. This program Saved my son’s life 🙏🙏

Linda Swindle

Simply Amazing work being done here!

It’s just my first day arriving after a rough stay at the hospital and I simply can’t believe the commitment that Mr. Benjamin and his staff have and the ‘team’ effort to recovery that he has implored to keep vulnerable people, labeled by our society as having mental illnesses, in a safe environment. He is a true super-hero, giving people the opportunity to help recover and be the best they can be! I am so impressed 🙂

Jason Charles Carson

Could not done it without you. Our family member was well cared for by Mr Benjamin

We had to find some to care for Nathan and Mr Benjamin to very good care of him. Thank You so much for your patience.

Norma Watson Perkins

Run for your life

If you care for your love ones keep them away from the Benjamin group. This man (Mr. Benjamin )is horrible. He treated me and my sister horribly. He is not fit to be running that business. His houses are clean, but his professional and keeping of his resident items will be treated like trash. Find someone else when looking to be treated with respect.

Ericka Hopkins

Homes that provide so much hope

I recently met with Angelo and visited his homes. He is a true Saint. The homes are run with so much caring and compassion that each resident feels empowered and respected.

Lynne Renee

Changing in clients

My name is christopher glover I Ben with Mr. Benjamin since October of 2017 I have witnessed the changing In clients That has gone Through our program To become Independent. to move on into the Their own homes. I’ve seen clients Establish employment, Education and Establish new relationships with their families. The Benjamin group Have taught clients How to use the metal Health Resources That are available to them To help better their lives. As an employee of the Benjamin group It takes great pleasure in seeing our men and women take strides to have a better life.



I personally have benefitted from The Benjamin Group in so many ways. What I appreciate about the Benjamin Group is how the program is geared toward the healing and recovery of entire families.

Angelo Benjamin

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