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Are you close to someone who struggles with a mental illness? Could it be your parents or a sibling, a grandparent or friend? Thanks to Mr. Benjamin and The Benjamin Group, my person has received a lot of support that we previously never thought was possible. Crisis after crisis has left us with little resources and support; despite this, just like The Benjamin Group promises, Mr. Benjamin and his team allow for ample space, time, and energy to maneuver these delicate matters all with a sense of stability and care. When rehab facilities, hospitalizations, etc., work exactly as they’re meant to and unfortunately leave the most vulnerable behind, it is easy to lose hope. I haven’t lost hope, and don’t plan to, especially thanks to Mr. Benjamin and this incredible organization. GRATEFUL is the only word I can share, expressing this sentiment with every part of me. My person has a long way to go, however, now I know we are not alone. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.