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Our Services

Our wrap-around, mental health services include our group home experience, where Assertive Community Treatment and peer-to-peer counseling are both heavily utilized. Typically, we like to meet people where they are at. Benjamin, the group home director, and the CEO visits hospitals to do in-person interviews in order to measure readiness and willingness for potential future clients. Day treatment programs are immediately set-up for residents to attend Monday through Friday, and transportation is provided. A personalized treatment team, which includes a primary care physician as well as a psychiatrist, is assigned.


In the home, we have house managers and assistant house managers living on-site 24/7, who ensure cleanliness by implementation of the chore program along with our healthy and hearty food and beverage program which includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, and an 8 PM snack. Benjamin, who worked in the food and beverage industry in management and food preparation for over 40 years, is a huge advocate of health and wellness. He has created a 30+ guideline policy which residents are required to sign upon entry into the program and will also ensure a stable and structured living environment.