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The Benjamin Group Peer-to-Peer Housing Consultants For Mental Health

“Catch it, Check it, Change it.”

Our Mission

The Benjamin Group Peer-to-Peer Housing Consultants was incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 2020 in Stone Mountain, Georgia. We are a vital 501 (c) (3) organization promoting recovery and empowerment through education, advocacy, employment and residential stability for persons with mental health challenges, which extends to our homeless population and persons in recovery from substance abuse. The corporation will spread the powerful demonstration of peer-to-peer support in order to foster community retention, leadership, and true recovery focused independence. Ultimately, the corporation will motivate and inspire a healthier mental health community and ensure long-term stable housing.

Transforming Lives with ACT Therapy and Residential Homes for Persons with Mental Health Challenges

The Benjamin Group is committed to providing comprehensive mental health services, including Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) and stable housing for persons with disabilities and chronic homelessness. Research from the National Library of Medicine shows ACT participants experienced a 37% greater reduction in homelessness and a 26% greater improvement in psychiatric symptoms as compared to standard case management. We extend our support to the homeless population and those in recovery from substance abuse, offering counseling and other vital resources. We aim to empower individuals by expanding our housing program and services in order to accommodate more individuals seeking a safe and supportive living environment amongst these vulnerable populations.

Goals and Objectives of The Benjamin Group

Our goal is to offer support and services to help as many as humanly possible with our recovery program for this vulnerable population. Our services have proven successful for our clients and their families, allowing them to be able to experience the joy of a new lease on life. We envision our organization opening more safe, stable, and structured group home locations across the United States while keeping our program accessible and affordable.

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