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Impact of Housing on Mental Wellbeing: Challenges and Tips

How Housing Impacts Mental Wellbeing?

In the 21st century, homes are often considered mere places to sleep. However, we believe they are more than that. Your home is a haven that builds your mental and emotional health and shapes you into who you are today. A living environment that is comfortable, safe, and secure plays a crucial role in our ability to manage stress, deal with emotions positively, and empower mental health.

In this blog post, we will explain how housing impacts mental health, what challenges can occur, and what tips are beneficial for making a housing facility beneficial for residents’ well-being.

Positive & Negative Impact of Housing on Mental Health

1.     Mental Distress Due to Unstable Housing

While not often discussed, unstable housing, whether due to financial issues, poor living conditions, or overcrowding, can become a significant cause of stress and anxiety. The constant worry of eviction, exposure to environmental hazards like mold, and lack of privacy can all contribute to mental health problems like depression and PTSD.

2.     Health Benefits Due to Secure Housing

On the other hand, secure and stable housing empowers mental health and becomes a foundation for healthy living. Having a safe space to relax and recharge, feeling secure in your surroundings, and having control over your environment can all contribute to a sense of peace and reduce stress.

Tips for Creating a Mentally Healthy Residential Environment

As discussed above, a healthy and secure residential environment improves mental health. However, to achieve that environment, you can consider some essential tips, which we are about to list below:

1.     Affordability Should Be a Priority

Mental struggle, along with financial stress, is only a contributor to health problems and has the potential to elevate them. Therefore, to benefit yourself or your loved one with better health, finding an affordable living space that allows residents to live comfortably without worrying about financial constraints is essential.

2.     Source of Natural Light

Natural light has many benefits, including improving mood, energy levels, and mental stability. Ensure your living facility or home has a natural light source, such as windows, a balcony, or a backyard garden. Consider keeping curtains open and letting the sunlight shine in, and invest in light-colored furniture which expands and elevates the natural light.

3.     Elevated Living Comfort

Home is a place to relax and rewind, but dedicating a space just for relaxation can be a great way to add peace and elevate mental health. Design a corner of your housing facility with furniture in calming and comfortable colors, declutter the space by removing anything that adds stress or is useless, and consider making the space less visually stressful.

4.     Indulge in Nature

Nature has an element that promotes mental health and stability, and incorporating it into your living space is a brilliant way to care about your mental health and that of your loved ones. Surround your house with plants – studies show they can reduce stress and anxiety. Even a small potted plant can make a difference.

5.     Build a Sense of Community

A sense of community and togetherness is essential for humans to feel mentally and emotionally sound. And that is exactly what you need to do. Connect with neighbors, create a community garden, or find a local support group.

Take Action to Promote Change

The relationship between housing and mental health is a complicated one that calls for an approach that takes into account multiple aspects.  To advocate for change, we can:

Supporting Affordable Housing Initiatives

The act of lobbying for laws that expand access to safe and inexpensive housing for people of all income levels is an example of supporting affordable housing initiatives.

Increasing Awareness

Educating people about the connection between housing and mental health can assist in lowering the stigma associated with the issue and helping to inspire solutions.

Supporting Organizations

To show your support for groups that are trying to address issues related to mental health and housing instability, you can either donate money or volunteer your time.

Who Are We?

When we talk about such organizations, we’d like to mention our organization, The Benjamin Group. Founded and led by Angelo Benjamin, we offer a group home experience where Assertive Community Treatment and peer-to-peer counseling are heavily utilized. Through this initiative, we are working towards helping patients struggling with mental health issues. We aim to become a symbol of education, advocacy, employment and residential stability for people facing mental challenges. We encourage the families of such persons to reach out to get a consultation that works for the better future of your loved ones.


By prioritizing a healthy home environment and advocating for change, we can create a world where everyone can access a safe and supportive space to nurture their mental well-being. Remember, you’re not alone. If you’re struggling with housing insecurity or mental health challenges, there are resources available to help. Reach out to a trusted friend, family member, or mental health professional for support.